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Business development and strategic sales for growing companies: We help to turn innovations into value - with know-how, passion and more than 15 years of professional experience



Our approach

A strategy's success lies in its execution. We help to turn our client's strategies into sales, revenues and long-term value. Winning new customers for your company and developing sustainable business relations is at the core of what we do. We do not only develop sales strategies and validate these in the market, but we effectively support execution by directly adressing your customers through all channels including cold-calls. We provide analytics and reports and help you to present your business development success story for strategy and fundraising purposes.



About us

Having worked in sales and business develpment as well as in executive and C-level functions, we have a broad experience in customer acquistion and emphasize with all stakeholders - customers, company and shareholders. We always see ourselves as members of your team and support with a very hands-on approach. We rely on a large, well established executive network within the german speaking market as well as on selected partners and industry experts.





" A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all" 


Michael Leboef





Heike Kantowsky

Heike develops sustainable sales and business concepts and smoothly puts innovation strategies into practice. She emphathizes with all stakeholders - management, customers, team and shareholders - and helps to develop long-term revenue streams. Heike has leadership exerience and held C-level postitions such as CEO Health Online Service Lifeline, CFO AOL Germany and Director corporate development of Springer Nature. She has worked in StartUps and in corporations - always focusing on long-term growth and sustainable revenue generation. 


Birgitt Krumm

Birgitt is a passionate networker, contact- and sales-manager. She has a broad experience in customer acquisition and cold calls. Her large professional network helps her to target new clients and decision makers and to systematically build up sales networks. She has been responsible for more than 15 years in business development and customer acquisition for Companies like Service Plan Group and McCann Ericsson. She is also a digital communicator feeling comfortable in all social media networks.


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